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New York Smart Cities Innovation Partnership

Drone hovering in the air
Drone hovering in the air

The Governor’s Office Technology & Innovation Portfolio and Empire State Development (ESD), in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), are launching the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership – a pilot program to facilitate the development and integration of emerging technologies into public services. Under this program, ESD and IIA will provide funding to support local projects that improve government services and resident quality of life by using smart cities technologies. ESD funding (up to $1M) will be available for projects led by New York companies and IIA funding ($1M+) will be available for projects led by Israeli companies.

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Rochester, NY
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Under the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership, “Smart Cities” are defined as any local government that leverages technology solutions to promote public health, safety, and welfare, and improves quality-of-life for the residents of the municipality, especially traditionally underserved and under-resourced communities. Some examples of Smart Cities technologies include: smart sensors streamlining traffic flow to reduce vehicle idling and emissions, clean water leakage detection systems to preserve clean drinking water, LED indoor farming lights, and advanced air quality monitoring systems. A project is effectively “SMART” if it incorporates the following elements:

  • Sustainable: Considers environmental impacts and furthers New York’s green goals
  • Modern: Incorporates best-in-class technological solutions and approaches, making life easier, simpler, more convenient, and more affordable for residents
  • Accountable: Leverages direct input from residents and communities throughout design and implementation, and abides by clear privacy and security standards
  • Reliable: Delivers services predictably, meeting residents’ most basic and reasonable expectations
  • Thriving: Contributes to local economic growth wherever it is deployed

Smart Cities Innovation Partnership technology priorities include:

Cybersecurity Supply Chain Solutions Real-Time Utility Monitoring
Water Purification & Containment Removal Smart Mobility & Traffic Flow Systems Unmanned Aerial Systems & Drones
Smart Agriculture & Clean Food Solutions Clean Energy & Environmental Solutions Health Technology
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Process & Timeline

Projects are still ongoing with the expected completion of all projects by December 2023 and a final report in 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Webinars geared toward Anchor Institutions, Municipal Testbed applicants and Technology Companies are available below. 

Click HERE for the recording of the Tech Company Smart Cities Innovation Partnership webinar.

Click HERE for the recording of the general information Smart Cities Innovation Partnership webinar.

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  • General inquiries for NY Anchor Institutions, Municipal Testbeds and NY Technology Companies: [email protected].