Division of Minority and Women's Business Development


Welcome to the Division of Minority and Women's Business Development (DMWBD). The mission of DMWBD is to promote equality of economic opportunities for MWBEs and to eliminate barriers to their participation in state contracts. We supplement New York State’s economic leadership with information and resources that increase access to information and opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses throughout the State.

Our key objectives:

  • To encourage and assist state agencies that are engaged in contracting activities to award a fair share of state contracts to MWBEs.
  • To review applications by businesses seeking certification as an MWBE and to maintain a directory of certified MWBEs.
  • To promote the business development of MWBEs through education and outreach to agencies and MWBEs.

Learn more about Supply and Demand: Opportunities for Real MWBE Growth by clicking here.

New York State Contract System (NYSCS)

We have a fully integrated online system New York State Contract System (NYSCS). The NYSCS streamlines New York State’s MWBE certification and MWBE procurement process. It is designed to improve and expedite vendor registration; MWBE certification application submission and processing; notification of bid or contract opportunities; contract monitoring; MWBE compliance and payment verification; and access to an enhanced directory of MWBE certified firms. The New York State Contract System allows vendors to manage their own records; maintain accurate contact information; and report subcontractor payment information online. All outside service providers, whether construction contractors, suppliers, consultants, lawyers or underwriters, will be connected. The systems deploys across all State agencies and authorities, saving agencies and vendors substantial time, effort, and expense.