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New York is Fueling America's Semiconductor Resurgence

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Gov. Hochul, Sen, Schumer, Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra at New York Micron announcement

Building a Robust Semiconductor Ecosystem in New York State

Gov. Hochul, Sen, Schumer, Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra at New York Micron announcement

New York is home to a booming semiconductor ecosystem, including global industry leaders like GlobalFoundries, Wolfspeed, onsemi, IBM, Edwards Vacuum — and the future site of Micron’s $100 billion megafab, which will be the largest cleanroom facility in the nation.

New York’s first-in-nation Green CHIPS program is already drawing massive investments like Micron’s that are creating thousands of opportunities for growth throughout the semiconductor ecosystem. Semiconductor and supply chain companies of all sizes looking to invest in New York can take advantage of globally competitive incentives, including ESD’s signature Excelsior Jobs Program, acres of shovel-ready sites, a highly educated workforce, world class R&D assets, and advanced infrastructure.

Globally Competitive Incentives

for semiconductors & supply chain companies

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Corporate income tax rate for manufacturers

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Acres of shovel-ready sites

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In economic incentives available through Green CHIPS

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invested in semiconductor R&D assets at NY CREATES’ Albany NanoTech Complex

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Real property tax cap

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Annual wage impact of semiconductor manufacturing, supporting 34K+ direct jobs

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Micron, the world's fourth-largest semiconductor company — and the only memory and storage manufacturer headquartered in the United States — is investing $100 billion to build the largest semiconductor fabrication facility in U.S. history in Central New York and bring upwards of 50,000 jobs.

Governor Hochul, Sen. Schumer, Sen. Gillibrand, ESD Commissioner Hope Knight and other key stakeholders at event

In December 2023, Governor Hochul announced a $10 billion partnership with leaders from the semiconductor industry to build the first and only publicly owned High NA EUV Lithography Center at NY CREATES’ Albany NanoTech Complex— the largest and most advanced publicly owned semiconductor R&D facility in North America and  home to the world's only open access 300mm R&D facility.

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Governor Hochul created the Office of Strategic Workforce Development, a $250 million investment in workforce development, with a strategic focus on growing manufacturing and technology sectors in NYS, including semiconductors. New York produces more STEM graduates than any other state in the Northeast and is home to the nation’s largest public university system, top-tier private universities, and a massive network of technical schools and community colleges.

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New York is the location of choice for many of the world’s leading semiconductor companies – including TTM Technologies, Menlo Microsystems and AMD—clean room design and construction firms, gas and chemical suppliers, toolmakers, and semiconductor design, manufacturing and packaging companies.

The combination of the state and federal CHIPS bills - in addition to our diverse talent pool, rich local resources, and ongoing investments - will help New York create 21st century jobs and technologies and become a global capital for chip manufacturing.
Kathy Hochul, Governor of New York

New York’s Commitment to Growth


With up to $10 billion in economic incentives for environmentally friendly “Green CHIPS” semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain projects—alongside a host of shovel-ready sites, cutting-edge R&D infrastructure and a talented workforce—New York State


A $200 million investment to prepare and develop shovel ready sites across the state, to jumpstart New York’s shovel-readiness and increase its attractiveness to large employers, including high-tech manufacturing, particularly semiconductor manufacturing,

Office of Strategic Workforce Development

A new division dedicated to meeting the labor needs of the state’s highest growth industry sectors by supporting employer-driven, high skilled workforce training programs.

Opportunities to grow your business in New York State

Construction of the New NY Bridge in New York's Mid-Hudson Region.

Tax-Based Incentives

All forms of tax incentives that enable savings and cost advantages to businesses.
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Operational Support

Programs offering assistance or training to ensure more competitive businesses.

Growth Support

Funds, loans and other means of financial support to stimulate business growth.
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Innovation Development Support

Financial incentives to foster university collaboration, research and innovation.

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